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"Childbirth Education" Use To Be a Right of Passage?

What has Childbirth Education become and How has it changed since 2020?

Shannon Bennett and Angie Hansen will discuss this exact topic and explore LIVE vs Video Classes in this Podcast.

About the Hosts of More About Birth:

Shannon Bennett: Currently is a practicing Natural Birth Midwife who specializes in Home Birth. Shannon also has deep passion for Natural Pain Relief for Labor . She has a passion for educating moms and dads so they can experience a Once in a Lifetime Birth and her history as mom and midwife adds great depth to the conversation. Her Co-Host Angie Hansen not only assists her at many of these births she is just months aways from graduating from an assistant to full Midwife. She chimes in with a great humor and some amazing "words" as wit along the way.

I'm Keith and I'm the producer, Shannon's husband and I love the technology, and process of podcasts, video production and Live video and Live Streaming. I am along for the ride and from the guys perspective "boy is it a fun journey!"

Both Angie and Shannon have not only participated in 100's of births they both have experienced with their own births at Home. More About Birth is in Season Two and you can find out more information on Shannon's Web page.

This podcast is available in an Audio Version there on the Podcast Page. There you will find some handouts that go with previous podcasts for free download. Please Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and Ring the Bell for future videos. We wopuld also like to invite you to sign up for the email list and you receive a free link to a downloadable a free birth guide. We hope you enjoy the podcast and would be honored to hear your Thoughts & to receive your Likes and Shares!

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