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A wonderful, natural combination of herbs to prepare your body for delivery. 


Easy Birthing formula is a unique blend of herbs that have been successfully used to benefit labor and delivery. It comes in an easy to digest liquid and is intended to be taken for the 4-5 weeks before the estimated due date. Easy Birthing assists in the following ways:

  • Easier labor and delivery
  • More dilation before active labor begins
  • Minimizes postpartum bleeding
  • Shorter labor


This combination is made of organically grown or wild crafted herbs combined in a vegetable

glycerine base. Ingredients: bayberry, blue cohosh, blessed thistle, false unicorn, motherwort,
black haw, squawvine, wild ginger, wild yam, and vitamin K.


Directions for use:

Begin taking 4-5 weeks before the due date. Week one: ¼ tsp 2x a day, then take ¼ tsp 3x
a day thereafter and continue with ¼ tsp 3x a day after delivery until bottle is empty. A 4 oz bottle is usually enough for the 4-5 weeks.

Easy Birthing 4 oz By Mission Valley Herbs

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