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Midwifery Care Packages

Complete professional and personalized care for you and your baby from conception through postpartum

What is included in our Midwifery Care Package?

  • Initial prenatal visit with full medical history, physical exam and nutritional counseling

  • Complimentary professional massage chair at each visit

  • Personalized prenatal visits each month until the 8th month, visits every two weeks in the 8th month and visits every week after until baby arrives

  • Home visit at 32 wks 

  • 24/7 availability by phone for urgent needs

  • Medical consultation and referrals for ultrasound as needed

  • Blood draws in office (Laboratory fees are billed separately)

  • Continuous care and support through active labor, birth and the first few hours postpartum in your home 

  • Waterbirths

  • Complimentary TENS unit for pain relief during labor

  • Qualified birth assistant or student midwife at your birth 

  • Continued support in the hospital if transfer is

  • necessary

  • Complete newborn exam after birth 

  • Newborn screening blood draw, jaundice checks

  • Newborn weight checks

  • Newborn Pulse-Ox screening

  • Newborn hearing screening

  • Newborn footprints and decorative birth


  • Filing of state birth certificate and social

       security card

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Postpartum visits in your home at 24 hrs and 1 week

  • Postpartum visits in the office at 3 weeks and 8 weeks

  • Pap smear at final 8 week visit

  • Custom birth kit with disposable birth supplies and herbal teas

  • Childbirth education and Natural Pain Relief classes

  • Use of extensive lending library and labor management tools


  • Herbal tinctures

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Essential oils

  • Waterbirth​

  • Use of TENS unit for pain relief in labor

  • Natural pain relief techniques for labor

Live Learning

Childbirth Education included in your package:

Prenatal education:  Prenatal education happens at each prenatal appointment with your midwife. This time is tailored to your personal needs during your pregnancy. You are encouraged to include your family in this experience. Children are especially interested in being a part of this exiting time in your life. 


Labor, delivery and postpartum education:  This is a 4 hour group class held on a Saturday once a quarter. Labor and birth is covered in the morning and after the potluck lunch shared with the other couples in your class, breastfeeding and newborn care is covered. 


Natural pain relief for labor: This is a 2 hour class on Monday evening. In this class you will learn natural pain relief techniques for labor. This class is especially helpful for your birth partner. 


Lending library: You will have access to a lending library of books and DVD’s about pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, nutrition and alternative medicine.



Prenatal Appointments


One hour is scheduled for each prenatal appointment. This allows plenty of time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and take advantage of the complimentary massage chair.  You are encouraged to include your family in your prenatal appointments and children are always welcome!



Financial Information


Midwifery care offers a significant savings to you. Complete personalized midwifery care packages are on average less than one quarter the cost of OB care and a hospital birth. Most insurance companies will reimburse for midwifery care.  Please call for information about fees for service, available discounts and payment plans.

Free Initial Consultation


Please call today to set up your free 1 hour appointment to visit with Shannon and decide if homebirth is right for you.  This is an opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns and see how midwifery care differs from traditional care with an obstetrician.

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