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January 1, 2020

Anyone who knows me would know that I am more of a one-on-one kind of gal. I am electronically challenged and still don't even know how to do all the things that my new Phone can do. (Let's just say even buying an I Phone was a stretch, the only reason I even agreed to it was so that I could Face Time my kids overseas)

So if you are wondering why I would ever start a podcast, you aren't the only one! My husband planted the idea in my head more than a year ago. He wanted to do some podcasting himself so we started purchasing the equipment we would need. In the back of my mind I was thinking it might be fun to do a few audio podcasts with my student Angie because when we are together talking about birth our passion for birth is ignited. Angie and I talked about it off and on, came up with different ideas...maybe a student/mentor segment about the working relationship of the midwife and her student. Or maybe just different guests that we could have come from our own community who could sha...

July 9, 2016

As labor begins one of the first questions I hear is, "How dilated am I?"  Yes, dilation can be a measuring tool for midwives to assess labor but it does not tell your how close you are to delivering your baby. Did you know that there are many other ways to assess the progress of labor without doing a vaginal exam?  

  • Fundal Height

During labor your uterus swells upward as it pulls the cervix open.  At the end of pregnancy as your baby “drops” there will be a span of approximately 5 fingerbreadths distance from your xiphoid (that little V shape where the two bottom ribs meet).  As you dilate that distance becomes less. This is measured during the peak of a contraction when the uterus is “swelling”.  Each fingerbreadth represents 2 cm.  So when there is just 1 fingerbreadth between the top of your uterus and the xiphoid during a contraction you are almost 10 cm.  This measurement is most accurate in mom’s who have had a baby previously and if there is not a lot of extra “f...

Oh the aches and pains of pregnancy! The most common complaints I hear from my pregnant mama's in the third trimester are low back pain, and pubic pain.  Because your center of gravity shifts as your baby grows it tends to cause an increase in the curvature of your spine causing stress on your muscles, joints and spine.  This, along with the hormones of pregnancy that cause the joints and ligaments to relax can cause your spine and pelvis to become misaligned. Not only does this misalignment cause you discomfort, it can also obstruct fetal movement and cause your baby to become misaligned in the pelvis.  Twisting and pulling of the misaligned pelvis encourage your baby to become posterior causing a longer and more painful labor.  I have found that my mama's that regularly see a chiropractor have a much more comfortable pregnancy and shorter labors. Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and personalized to your specific needs. Your chiropractor will have a special table or pregnancy...

May 6, 2016


Happy Mother's Day!

I asked my daughter Nicole to write a few words this month about what it was like growing up with her mom being a midwife.  Like all mothers I'm sure there are days you wonder if the path you chose was a good choice for your mothers we we all strive to do the best thing for our children. We want to be there for them when they need us and influence their lives in a positive way. It was my own mother who helped me realize my dream of becoming a midwife. She was there through midwifery school and my apprenticeship always picking up the slack when I couldn't, taking care of my children and encouraging me to follow my dream. Thanks mom, I love you. And thank you Nicole, for taking care of things at home when I had to leave for a birth, I couldn't have done it without you!


My Mom the Midwife

               “I’ve got to go to a birth!” was always like a siren going off in our house. Mom would put on her scrubs and grab her birth kit and out the door she’d go. I...

April 1, 2016

Have you ever heard the term "confirmation bias"?  Confirmation bias is a type of selective thinking that causes you to notice and look for what confirms your beliefs, and to ignore or undervalue those things that contradict your beliefs. For example, from the time women are born they are told labor is painful and most birth stories that are shared over the years are those that enforce the idea that labor is painful.  Our brain then begins to tune into things that confirm our belief that labor is painful and we become inattentive to the things that tell us labor does not have to be painful.  Over time this strengthens our belief that labor is painful  and creates fear.  We then give more value to things we hear or read that confirm our belief and tend to discredit the information that contradicts those beliefs.  Our brain is constantly looking for information that will support our belief that labor is painful, thus causing fear about labor.


What if we went into...

March 1, 2016

One of the most rewarding parts of being a midwife involves your children.  There is nothing quite like experiencing things through the eyes of a child.  Each child is unique and will want to be involved at different levels.  It is my privlege to offer them an opportunity to experience midwifery at thier individual interest level.  Perhaps your child is like my little friends who came to each prenatal with abundant exitement and would ask questions and want to "help" with every part of mom's care.  They would draw me pictures for my office and tell me how they were going to be a midwife when they grew up.  Their mother sent me a text several months after their little brother was born and showed me pictures of their Career Day costumes for school...yep, one little midwife and on little mommy.  That made me smile. 


Or then there are the children who lovingly call me the "Mudwife" and can't wait to come and play with the pretend doppler an...

February 1, 2016

Although many mothers desire a natural birth with no pain medications we all secretly wish that there was something "natural" to just take the edge off a bit.  I am here to tell you that there is!  TENS units have been popular in the UK for natural pain relief for many years. Natural Care Midwifery offers TENS units for natural pain relief in labor. Most of my clients tell me that they can manage labor quite well until transition with the use of TENS. If you are planning to labor or birth in the birth pool you DO have to remove the TENS before getting in. (I'm laughing right now...because no one ever wants to take the TENS off once they have it on) You are probably wondering what it is and how it works...

TENS, Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a little device that sends small amounts of electrical current to the surface of your skin. The small, sticky electrode pads are connected to the unit with a wire lead and the pads are placed on your low back in 4 diffe...

January 1, 2016

I am often asked “What made you become a midwife?” From the time I was a little girl I had an obsession with pregnant bellies and newborn babies.  Playing house for me was always being the “Dr.” and delivering the babies, or playing the role of the mother of a newborn baby. I had always dreamed of seeing a baby born, but it wasn’t until I was a mother of three that I finally had the opportunity to see that dream fulfilled.


As I saw that precious little baby emerge I started to cry.  I had always felt a giant hole in my heart that nothing seemed to fill, and at that moment I became sure of my calling.

Being a midwife is my passion.  I think sometimes I am just as excited as my clients for their labor to start.  Even when I get that call at 3 am I feel the excitement of a new adventure. The beauty of birth at home is that each experience in unique. It is not a medical event; it is a once in a lifetime event for each family.  One of my favorite things is the way a woman’s labor is inc...

December 15, 2015

In mid December of last year I was given the opportunity to speak about my midwifery practice on NewsTalk radio 870 FM.  Sierra Orr, a client of mine, appeared with me on the program. Watch the video and please feel free to send me any comments or questions.



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Why in the world would I want to start a podcast??

January 1, 2020

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