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Interview sit down with my Producer Husband

I sat down with Shannon Bennett from Natural Care Midwifery as husband and producer to talk about the past five month journey for her. She has vision beyond her current success working with moms in midwifery. A dream to teach, mentor and educate people about birth. Shannon is a Home Birth Midwife and she has hit her limit as one person. Her hope is there are more women out there that would love to have her experience as future midwives. She tells more about her hidden passion and her dreams. She needed these ideas/visions and passions to get launched. If you meet her you will soon understand her desire to help more women have the "once in a lifetime birth event" they desire. She gets candid on this journey and some of her own roadblocks. We talk about this new journey so far and some of her new revelations. She shares how she discovered her new found understanding of Social Media. She shares about the launch of her new podcast "More About Birth" and her relationship with her co-host and assistant midwife Angie Hansen. What still to come with her new manual (available now) and online classes coming later this spring. Take the time and listen to her story.

Keith Bennett

Life's Journey Productions'

Shannon's podcast: More About Birth:

Visit her web page:

Take a look at her new "Natural Pain Relief for Labor Manual" on her product page:

Start your dream journey today with Life's Journey Productions:


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