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Season Finale of More About Birth Season Two!

It's another Season of More About Birth in the bag?

A "BLOG BAG" full for anyone who missed Season Two or wants to go back as we take a summer break before Season Three. You can now save this blog and learn all you would like with each episode. That's right each video from Season Two is here in this BLOG for your viewing pleasure. Please consider "Subscribing" to More About Birth on YouTube where each of these video podcasts live and breath. For those who prefer the audio podcast click the Audio Link and get those ears ready!

Looking back on two seasons now of "More About Birth" as producer, I never understood how much I did not know about Birth. As a husband of a midwife I learn something all the time but after stepping into the producer roll for this podcast I have had so many "WOW MOMENTS". Yep now I'm losing count. Ok not all the topics had me, "at Hello ...LOL but it has created a greater appreciation for what each mom experiences and their entire family. I know this... this podcast would help every mom have a better birth experience. Not just mom....

So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS' to Shannon Bennett and Angie Hansen for another great season. Special thanks to our Listeners, Subscribers, Viewers and Fans as well as our AMAZING SPECIAL GUESTS!

Note to the Guys: "beware... if you listen to these podcasts you may actually learn some keys to unlock your wife's heart and better understand her."

Keith Bennett

More About Birth

Husband of Shannon Bennett

More About Birth Season Two: Episode One


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