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Why in the world would I want to start a podcast??

Anyone who knows me would know that I am more of a one-on-one kind of gal. I am electronically challenged and still don't even know how to do all the things that my new Phone can do. (Let's just say even buying an I Phone was a stretch, the only reason I even agreed to it was so that I could Face Time my kids overseas)

So if you are wondering why I would ever start a podcast, you aren't the only one! My husband planted the idea in my head more than a year ago. He wanted to do some podcasting himself so we started purchasing the equipment we would need. In the back of my mind I was thinking it might be fun to do a few audio podcasts with my student Angie because when we are together talking about birth our passion for birth is ignited. Angie and I talked about it off and on, came up with different ideas...maybe a student/mentor segment about the working relationship of the midwife and her student. Or maybe just different guests that we could have come from our own community who could share their wisdom and experience.

I was not sure it would be something I could fit into my already busy schedule, not to mention my student and her very busy schedule. But the idea of doing the podcast alone just didn't sound fun. Angie and I talked about it for several more months and then one day decided to record a few short podcasts just to see how it sounded. Of course we didn't like the sound of our own voices, no surprise there. We started talking more seriously about how much we could share with others through the voice of a podcast and began to seriously plan and dream about getting started. About the time we were used to the idea of an audio podcast my dear husband says, "If we are going to record an audio podcast we may as well do a YouTube channel and have a video podcast also." He is such a visionary!

I gotta say, the idea of video totally freaked us out. After several meetings with Angie and her husband, myself and my husband, we decided to take the plunge. Our hope is that we can create a place where you can come, grab a cup of coffee and visit with us as we share our hearts and knowledge about all things birth and incorporate guests that can share years of their own wisdom and experiences with us.

This project has really stretched us, but we are having so much fun! I hope you will take a minute to drop in and join us!

Here are some of the upcoming topics for this year:

Infant massage, Prenatal and infant loss, Chiropractic for pregnancy, Natural pain relief methods, Postpartum rehab for pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, Tips for photographing your baby, Car seat 101, Tongue-tie and breastfeeding, Creating a support group for moms, Progesterone insufficiency in early pregnancy, Postpartum depression, Vaginal birth after C-section, A day in the life of a midwife and her student, and many more!


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