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Our 2021 Christmas Eve Podcast

We are so blessed to have friends, family and our amazing birth community. We feel blessed as well because of our growing podcast family. So once again we will break out the mugs, marshmallows and hot chocolate to wish you all a very special Holiday Season.

In this years podcast we each share some holiday wishes and our favorite part of the season. Angie busts out her humor and a new word as Shannon shares her wish with tears. Wait for it... we even talk about Chrsitmas Mastitis and how to stay healthy in the holidays if you are breastfeeding.

Holiday Bloopers Please?

Well let's just say If you stay until the very end I have a gift for you. These two almost always have some of those!

Our More About Birth Team wish everyone an amazing Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Keith Bennett

More About Birth 2021

AKA "Mr. Grumpy Pants"


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