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To Tear or not to Tear

This week's topic to "Tear or not to Tear" actually came from a client conversation. "Shout out to that moma!" We love to ask our moms what they would like to hear us discuss on the podcast. So we are very excited to discuss this topic this week. We are also interested in your ideas for birth related topics so please share those ideas with us. Today's topic just happens to be one of the big concerns moms have and often ask us about at appointments and at our childbirth classes.

What is coming up on More About Birth Season Two:

We are looking forward to our next episode: "Creating a Birth Plan" on March 30th 2021. You can register to our email list right here on our home page and receive an immediate email with a link to download our free birth plan pdf. Other links are available on out podcast page for free download, so check them out.

We hope you are enjoying this bi-weekly podcast in both the audio and video formats. The audio podcast links are available on our podcast page. If you have not subscribed to our More About Birth YouTube Channel please stop on over today and ring the bell for all the future video podcast releases.

If you register you should receive an email moments latter with a "Thank You" and a link to to "Birth Plan" click on the link to download the free PDF. If you do not receive the email check your spam folder.


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