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It's a "Suprise Annoucement" including a More About Birth Season Three due date!

More About Birth Season Three starts on Tuesday, December 7th 2021 but the video and audio podcast announcement on Tuesday, October 18th came with a huge suprise if you did not already know. Angie came with a specil on board guest and said this little precious gift was coming at the end of 2021.

We are so very excited to not only launch Season Three we get to celebrate this little suprise. If you have not joined us please Subscribe on our YouTube Channel. Also this Season Three podcast will be featured in Audio more this year and less YouTube Video versions so make sure you pick a More About Birth Audio Podcast location to Subscribe to as well. If you do join us on YouTube you will get some special things as well so "Ring" the Bell so you get alerted when the next video is released. Also please "Like"and "Share" these podcasts with others and help us grow the channel.

What to expect in Season Three?

Shannon and Angie have a vision to share more birth stories this year with more special guest as well. As per always we have some great birth related influencers who will join us on the podcast. With new technoligy avialable for our hosts they can bring back more on location interviews in audio only podcast.

What to do why you wait for Season Three Content?

We have Two Season available on the Podcast so far so you have plenty to listen to why we get things rolling for Season Three.

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Check out this special announcement Video available on October 19th Tuesday at 7:00AM Pacific Standard Time.


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