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Angie's Two Part Birth Story

Angie's been a part of our life for so many years now it is easy to loose track of time. She is no longer my student because as of 2023 she is officialy a midwife herself. Our journey has been filled with lauphter, tears, lot's of babies and a few suprises along the way. A lot has happened since our last podcast and "boy do we have a story to tell."

We announced over 14 month ago that right when Angie was getting ready to take her finale midwifery exam she was pregnant. On a special podcast we announced this new baby adventure and on that podcast we nicked named this special one "Baby Peanut" and now after 14 months we look back and tell the story. Enjoy!

This is her Birth Story: Click Here for the Audio Version of Part One

For Video Version click on the photo for Part Two.

Part Two of Angie's Birth Story: Click Here for the Audio Version Part Two

For the Video Version click on the picture.


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