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A Few of my Favorite Things!

It’s that time of year. Or maybe it’s just that year... when we are all wondering what we can do to boost our Immune system.

Well, let me tell you about a few of my favorite things...

My first go-to which is safe for the entire family, including infants is Mountain Meadow Herbs brand Family Immune Booster. It is a liquid herbal blend that can be taken alone or hides well in juice or water. It does not contain alcohol and is instead made with a glycerin base. Dosage for all ages is right on the label.

This can be taken daily throughout the winter months and dosage increased according to the label during times of illness.

My other all-time favorite is Chestal homeopathic cough syrup. This comes with a honey base for those two years of age and over. They also carry a non-honey base for those under two years old. Homeopathic‘s are perfectly safe for all ages and my adult children tell me they prefer this to over-the-counter medicated Cough syrup’s. There are no side effects, no drugs, and it does not cause drowsiness.

If you do come down with something my favorite go to is a chewable echinacea blend by the name of Esberitox. It can be given to children age 4 and over. It works very well as a natural antibiotic for bacterial and viral issues.

Here are a few general rules for keeping your immune system in good shape throughout these winter months:

🔴Drink plenty of water

🔴Get adequate sleep

🔴Try to reduce stress

🔴 Take probiotics daily for good gut health

🔴Stay away from white sugar and white flour products, they weaken your immune system

Mountain Meadow Herbs products can be found at

Links to other products can be found in our store at:


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