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Where Is The  Milk?

Over and over again my first time mamas are concerned about whether or not they have enough to feed their baby.

 Never underestimate your body’s ability to have exactly what your baby needs. 

In the first day of your baby’s life not only does baby have stored fats in his body to compensate but your breasts have been producing colostrum, which is a very concentrated substance full of exactly what your baby needs. 

On that first day his tummy is the size of a large marble. The colostrum that you have is plenty to fill his belly. 

By the third day your his belly is about the size of a ping pong ball. And at this time your milk has transitioned to just the right amount for him. 

Once your milk comes in well on the third or fourth day, his tummy will hold about 2 ounces at at feeding. 

The most reliable way to know if your baby is getting enough food is to monitor wet and dirty diapers. 

In the first 24 hours of life your baby should have at least one wet diaper. You should notice at least one dirty Diaper in the first 24 hours, usually more. 

As your milk transitions from colostrum to regular milk you will notice the dark meconium stool become more greenish and then a gold color when the milk is fully in. 

Once your milk is fully in you will notice several dirty diapers a day if your baby is getting enough. 

The rule for wet diapers is, one in the first 24 hours, two or more in the second day, three or more the third day etc. 

When the milk is fully in you should be seeing six or more wet diapers a day. 

If you ever have any concerns that your baby is Not receiving enough milk, please contact your care provider for evaluation.

Shannon Bennett, LM,CPM MORE ABOUT BIRTH podcast


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