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Reducing Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy

It’s so easy to live in a state of negativity during these interesting times we are living in. 

My student and I were talking the other day about how powerful words can be. We both  have been feeling that we need to concentrate more on the positive things and less on the negative things going on around us. Especially when you are pregnant it is important to focus on the positive and speak words of encouragement to our unborn baby. 

When we continuously focus on the negative it changes our outlook and causes us to walk in a cloud of doom and gloom and causes our body to live in a state of being on high alert. This can increase our stress and anxiety levels and we know through research that this is not good for us or our precious baby.

 Let’s make a commitment to think and speak things that are positive, uplifting and encouraging and create an atmosphere of peace and positivity during pregnancy. Sometimes all it takes is speaking those positive things and before you know it we are believing it! 

Shannon Bennett, LM,CPM MORE ABOUT BIRTH podcast


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